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Our goal is to help people discover what wellness means to them.


Remde was named in honor of Co-Founder, Jules Lambries’ mother-in-law, Angelica Remde. Angelica was a long-time believer in the healing power of natural remedies and spent her life searching for ways to ease her chronic pain and improve her wellbeing. Despite her constant pain, she was passionate about healthful living. She inspired her 8 children with a smile, a gleam in her eye and the occasional expletive in German to make her point, followed by a kiss.

Angelica was a life well lived. Although she wasn’t able to take advantage of CBD’s important properties, Remde was founded in tribute to Angelica’s passion for life and seeking balance. We know the past is behind us, but the future is ours to shape and every product that bears her name will always stand for quality along with a commitment to love and serve people.

At Remde, we encourage you to seek wellness and “Find Your Balance”. We make small batch CBD wellness products crafted for a better you. That's where our story begins and Angelica Remde's legacy lives on.


We help people find their balance—providing premium-quality, natural, and sustainable products that are good for our customers and the environment.

Remde unites powerful science with our passion for natural wellness. The potential for healthy balance lies within everybody. It is our goal to help you find that balance - on your own terms - by providing one of the most natural and sustainable products on the planet.